What we do?

We take pride in what we do and are committed to completing projects to the greatest standard while offering a variety of options. Building quality, we believe, should be at the forefront of every project phase. Every aspect of our projects reflects our hands-on approach and experience as a construction management firm. We're here to help, whether it's with pre-construction procedures or upholding our promise after the project is completed. 

Pre Construction Services

"Building Great Things" demands good field execution, but a well-coordinated and planned approach supported by a capable team minimizes problems and ensures project completion on time and on budget. It requires a game plan that details what will happen, when it will happen, and who will execute it. GIWU Engineering Services's dedicated team focuses on making strategic decisions together early in the project to avoid issues and give the most value in system, quality, and cost protection for our clients.

Project Management

"Excellence" is at the heart of all we do at GIWU Engineering Services, and nowhere is it more important or obvious than during the construction process. Throughout the building process, our team supervises, manages, and oversees all operations to ensure that each project runs smoothly, professionally, and according to contract requirements. Our management system was designed with cooperation in mind, and we value our capacity to connect with clients swiftly and efficiently. We understand that putting time and effort into building a great working relationship leads to successful projects at GIWU Engineering Services.

Post Construction Services

GIWU Engineering Services follows up with clients once the project is completed. We conduct client interviews after each project to get feedback as part of our commitment to building relationships. GIWU Engineering Services offers a comprehensive warranty on all of its work.

Architectural Design

GIWU Engineering Services understands that you need to concentrate on your company rather than the construction. Our design-build project delivery approach eliminates the stress of needing to communicate the necessary vocabulary among stakeholders to ensure that your project is delivered on time and according to your specifications. Our technique removes risk and enables for quick communication of customer demands due to team integration, resulting in improved collaboration and a more fluid workflow.

Fit Out Work Services

GIWU Engineering Services provides full interior design and fit-out services, whether it's a simple box or a historic structure that needs to be updated. We give the ambiance and functionality you need to boost corporate productivity and create a more modern, comfortable home environment.

Finishing Carpentry

GIWU Engineering Services provides a wide range of design services, including furniture manufacturing, with the goal of providing clients with high-quality furniture. Our brilliant team of designers creates one-of-a-kind statement items with excellent craftsmanship, style, and value.

Masonry Works

A well-trained and skilled staff of specialist masons makes up our firm. In addition, we are pleased to provide in-house design services. Our masonry designer has over ten years of experience and can assist you in planning a new project, repairing a problem, or improving current work.

Ground Up Services

GIWU Engineering Services recognizes the importance of your building's appearance and feel. If you hire our company to handle your new construction project, we'll handle every step of the way and educate you along the way. You can be confident that every aspect of your project will receive the attention it deserves, and that all of your needs will be met, thanks to our hands-on approach. We approach ground-up construction differently than other commercial contractors. GIWU Engineering Services places a premium on dependability and accountability. Our crew is committed to getting the job done right the first time. This includes doing the little things to make our clients' lives simpler, such as keeping the job site neat and clean.

Civil Architectural Works

GIWU Engineering Services, a full service, end-to-end, specialist civil engineering and architecture firm, takes the time to get to know you and what you want to accomplish in order to assist you during civil and architectural works as well as on the job site. We adhere to several protocols. Since everyone constructs differently and feels more at comfortable with certain building materials than others, we start with your choices. Thus, your level of comfort influences how we work. Our architects and engineers work with developers, contractors, manufacturers, and homeowners. Please be patient with us; we are aware that this may be your first construction or home design task. It all starts with you if we want to change how the corporate community perceives the design standard.